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Where the Heart is Happy-II

While the world was getting into the groove of monsoon, I was packing my bags to witness the arrival of winter. It was a working Monday and I had early morning meetings. A note full of tasks was pinned right in front of my eyes and a cup of coffee was kept on the table above the tickets to the mountains. I took the risk, I chose my tickets. My mother cooked snacks for me and my siblings packed everything I almost forgot. I was travelling throughout the night through the crowded streets.

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The Next Morning

How does it feel to take a break from the world?

It was the last morning of this historic year. The moon was leaving and the sun started to appear. The gentle breeze whispered in the sound of silence. My heart was in sync with the universe and the traffic in my brain was very less. I went downstairs for a walk. On my way back home I saw an old man who was angrily looking at me, maybe he was waiting for me.

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Shades of Modern Love

Let’s be honest we’ve all been a hopeless romantic person who believed that one day, an ideal person is going to come from somewhere and turn our miserable life into a fairy tale and we were very confident. It might be embarrassing to admit but that’s what we’re taught about love through the unrealistic Disney fairytales and the romantic movies. We were really upset when Jack and Rose didn’t end up together because then love used to be more about the happy endings, the moon, the stars and the grand gestures.

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Life and the Lockdown

It’s strange that April means ‘to open’ when the entire earth is locked. I can see the numbers increasing every day. I can sense this helplessness, the poor people locked away from their homes, the rickshaw puller sleeping with their eyes open, the shopkeeper climbing the height of black marketing and the kids donating their entire savings to save the world. I’ve seen the doctors and the cops risking their lives for the ones who are troubling them. It’s sad.

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Let’s start from the beginning. Imagine, it’s a new day. You wake up and you’re still sleepy but you gotta face the day anyway; you put on the uniform. Maybe a brown bread in one hand and the essentials in other, you take your wallet but there’s no money, you’re already running late but somewhere you’re enjoying the pace. Now you’re finally at your workplace, cheerful and highly energetic. You start the work with no regrets but only gratitude. We’re all good until now ’cause this wasn’t the real issue and this time the issue is about your mental health.

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After the Dark Night

Whatever happens, happens for a reason. If some days in life somehow didn’t work that doesn’t mean that the entire life didn’t work. Most people spend their entire life regretting about the wrong decisions they made in their past. Life isn’t about only the best things. It’s a story of every sad thing that happened yet how you gave it back your best possible self. People say it’s never too late until their last breath but trust me it’s not like that, it does get late when you take things for granted and leave things on destiny. God is there only for the karma not entirely for the story of your life. It’s you who’s responsible for how your story turns out in the end. Taking unnecessary stress and posting lines showing that you’re depressed won’t ever help.

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